xUnit Parser - Sample result files required

We are looking for sample xUnit v1 & v2 result files to add to the parser and finalize this version. You can share sample xml by opening a new ticket here or contacting me directly.


What's new:

  • (4891daa) Fixes MSTest NullReferenceException
  • (1e98cee) Adds support for Suites in the MSTest Parser by using MSTest TestCategories
  • (d38ac93) Design update, fixed suite and test containers


What's new:

  • Support for MSTest2010
  • Enhancement: (#33) Display NUnit "message" for Inconclusive


What's new:

  • Fix: (#30) Crashes if NUnit 3 xml contains no test results
  • Enhancement: (#31) Include stack-trace for NUnit setup failures
  • Enhancement: (#31) Adds status message for the report if there were no tests run


v1.5a only supports NUnit and Gallio. Support for other parsers will be added soon.

What's new:

  • New layout for quicker browsing
  • Performance improvements


What's new:

  • Support added for xUnit XML report
  • Support added for TestNG XML report (beta)
  • All log messages from the console output will be appended to the report


What's new:

  • File summaries show fixture level error details
  • DateTime format error fixed
  • Possible to drag and drop files/folders to create reports
  • (#2) It is possible to filter tests and suites via direct links:
    • http://testresult.html?passedTests
    • http://testresult.html?failedTests
    • http://testresult.html?errorTests
    • http://testresult.html?inconclusiveTests
    • http://testresult.html?skippedTests
    • http://testresult.html?passedSuites
    • http://testresult.html?failedSuites
    • http://testresult.html?errorSuites
    • http://testresult.html?inconclusiveSuites
    • http://testresult.html?skippedSuites
  • Links will now point to the current folder by default
  • A few styling improvements


Version 1.0 was released on June 01, 2015.


ReportUnit is a report generator for the test-runner family. It uses stock reports from NUnit, MsTest, xUnit, TestNG and Gallio and converts them HTML reports with dashboards.


  • Single tool to create reports for NUnit, MsTest, xUnit, TestNG and Gallio
  • Adds dashboard to both folder-level and file-level summaries
  • Creates responsive pages
  • Provides easy navigation for report files from the sidebar
  • Filters for tests and suites

We Like Feedback: If you like this tool, please give us your feedback here.


You can either generate a report for all files in a folder, or simply convert a given file. Both methods are shown below.


If there are multiple files to process, simply move them to a folder and run one of the below commands:

reportunit [input-folder-path]
reportunit [input-folder-path] [output-folder-path]
// all files will be created in the current folder
reportunit .

// all files will be created in the my-folder
reportunit "c:\my-folder"

// files will be created in output-folder
reportunit "c:\my-folder" "c:\output-folder" 

Note: You should use relative paths if files are moved to different locations as the supplied paths will be retained in the navigation links.


Use below to process single files:

reportunit [input-file]
reportunit [input-file] [output-file]
reportunit "C:\my-folder\result.xml"
reportunit "C:\my-folder\result.xml" reportunit "C:\output-folder\report.html"


Live samples (v1.5):

Screenshots (v1.5):

A few live samples (v1.2):

Screenshots (v1.2):


Issues and FRs can be submitted directly on ReportUnit GitHub page.

Note: you will have to create a GitHub account if you do not already have one.


The team behind ReportUnit:

  • Anshoo Arora
  • Sandra Greenhalgh
  • Andrey Bushman